1912 - 1915 Albert Lea-Brite Lite 65

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    Made by the Brite-Lite Company. 126-146 West Main Street. Albert Lea Minn. (Successors to Albert Lea Gas Light Co.) This is NOT the American Gas Machine Company who were also in Albert Lea.

    The company was started in 1910 by Soren K. Swenson who was born in Norway May 25 1879. Mr Swenson had worked for The American Gas Machine Co in Albert Lea from about 1904 and was executive secretary when he left to start his own company, The Albert Lea Gas Light Company. Swenson died of typhoid on 16th February 1914 and the presidency of the firm passed to John F. D. Meighen. The company name was changed to The Brite-Lite Company and by 1920 the company had been merged or bought out by the American Gas Machine Co.

    This model 65 will have been made sometime around 1914 and is interesting in that it has a 400 cp burner head which was used by a number of companies on other brands of lamp of the period. From the patents listed for it I am pretty certain this lamp head was either made by or licensed from The George Washington Lamp Company of New York or their successors A. G. Kaufman Manufacturing Co. later The Powerlight Company of New York who bought out Washington about 1910. ::Neil::


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