1917-1918 CQ 324

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    Jan 1, 2011
    This lamp is an oldie. "The Coleman Lamp Co Wichita Kans USA" imprinted on the handle cap. No markings on the handle tube. No patent date stamps on the burner air tube. Two "dimples" on the mixing chamber. Hex nut on the fount bottom. The fount is spotless on the inside. Nice to see one like this that was well cared for. It came with a 324 shade and a hanger rod. I call this "Dad's Lamp". He was "built" in 1917 and put into service in 1918. He's still run ready too! :D


    1302066693-Closeup_handle__cap_opt.jpg 1302066721-Burner_air_tube_closeup_opt.jpg 1302066744-Burner_mixing_chamber_closeup_opt.jpg
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