1920s Lind-O-Lite 105

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    This is I believe the earliest type of Lind-O-Lite lantern. I actually don't have a model number for this one but from the succession of model numbers I assume it will be 105 being the previous model to 115. It is the same as model 115 but the fuel feed is external and visible and th ecarburettor valve is a slimmer type and not quite the same as model 115. In fact this system of a carburetor valve in the fount and an external feed is a near enough exact copy of a Coleman made product for Sunshine Products. Not in the greatest of condition but pretty good for its age. I have made a new handle for this one as the original was missing. ::Neil::


    1325764693-Lind-O-Lite_105_02.jpg 1325764711-Lind-O-Lite_105_03.jpg 1325764730-Lind-O-Lite_105_04.jpg 1325764755-Lind-O-Lite_105_05.jpg
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