1925 Economy 408

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    This lantern has fooled a lot of people down the years. It is very much like an early Coleman IL lantern which has a torch lighting burner and this Economy lantern looks as though such a Coleman has been converted to a match light. We have identified three Economy lanterns two of which are outwardly the same as this one using burners 3 and 4 and we think there will be a fourth like this with the earlier burner type 2 but as yet no example has been seen. The first Economy lantern is vanishingly rare with only one example known and I have not illustrated this burner here but it will be shown with the early Economy lamp when I get round to photographing it. This lantern may be expected to turn up with any of the three burners shown below and if anyone finds a lantern with burner 2 then please let me know because to date none have been found and I would like to confirm it as a variation. ::Neil::


    1285239583-Economy_408_running.jpg 1285239595-Economy_408_burners.jpg
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