1928 Primus 1015

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    This 1015 shows the first style of all the parts used on this lamp. The model was introduced during 1927 and continued unchanged for 1928.

    This lamp is from 1928 (S 29) and is the /4 option (opal globe and nickel plated tank).


    Things to notice on this lamp are the burner with a smallish rounded mixing chamber. The flame spreader is made up of radial gills. Straight air intake tubes. The shroud around the top of the alcohol cup has two rows of large slots. The cleaning wheel has a bracket with stops. The top of the tank is smooth all the way up to the handle. The handle is straight with a chamfer at the top. The filler cap is the first design with a flat top.

    1286801866-Primus_1015_1928_front.jpg 1286801875-Primus_1015_1928_back.jpg 1286801890-Primus_1015_1928_number.jpg 1286801907-Primus_1015_1928_burner.jpg 1286801917-Primus_1015_1928_spreader.jpg 1286801928-Primus_1015_1928_wheel.jpg 1286801937-Primus_1015_1928_filler.jpg
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