1929 Primus 1015

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    This 1015 is from 1929 (T 29) and shows the first small variations to appear on the model.

    This is the /1 option which has a 10" opal shade and a polished brass tank.


    Several small changes can be noted from the 1928 version. The shroud on the alcohol cup now has six rows of small holes and a lip added to aid filling. The stop bracket for the cleaning wheel has been removed. The top of the tank has had a raised section added around the handle. Presumably to strengthen the area. This lantern is a bit dished down in this area which is not normal. At some stage it must have been sat on.

    1286802483-Primus_1015_1929_front.jpg 1286802491-Primus_1015_1929_back.jpg 1286802500-Primus_1015_1929_number.jpg 1286802508-Primus_1015_1929_burner.jpg 1286802533-Primus_1015_1929_wheel.jpg
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