1934 (Sept) Coleman Canada 242K

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    This is a 9 / 34 (September 1934) Coleman Canada 242K which was the first kerosene version of the small single mantle 242 series. According to catalogs the K model was produced concurrently with the 242 gasoline model during the mid-1930's until introduction in Canada of the 247 model in 1936. The photo shows the unique disc or dial type generator control on the right.


    The above photo shows other details of the 242K including match hole trapdoor in the open position, a pin through the pump shaft and slotted pump cap, aluminum pre-heater cup, filler cap hex nut, and unembossed collar.


    Above photo shows comparison of the single split embossed 242 collar on the left with the double split unembossed 242K collar on the right. I have seen the double split collar on 247's from early months of production and as Coleman Canada used remaining parts from 242K production.

    The cap nut in the center of the photo shows use of the unique hex head screw as used on the 242K, rather than the slotted round head screw used on other models.
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