1936-1941 Sears074087 (742-461) Turner-Preway?

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    Sep 10, 2010
    This beast looks very much the same as the Brooklure lanterns which have Turner running gear inside them. This lantern however has fittings and such that appear to be Prentiss Wabers. The valve arrangement, filler cap and pump are pretty standard Preway stuff. The burner casting is also different to the Turner-Brooklure lamps. This casting has some markings but even after much magnification I can't read them.

    I ended up seriosly irritated with this one today. I spent two days sorting out its problems First fitting a Coleman pricker wire in the generator. I had to fettle the control wheel which had rounded off and just slipped over the spindle. I cured that by sweating some silver solder onto the spindle and then filing it to give a tight fit for the wheel and I left a blob os solder to act as a stop so I could tighten the wheel in place. A bit of heat and quench then to straighten the burner air tube and I also made a new handle for it. I did not remove the valve from the tank as there seemed to be a good flow through. Then I bead blasted the globe cage and repainted it. Shove it all back together and mid afternoon it fired up and worked well. OK so far. Then tonight I fired it up again to take a running picture. Got two images and the light faded. Lots of fiddling with pricker and re lighting Etc. Et bleedin cetera and it just refused to run. So I took the other pictures and then started to try to remove the valve from the tank and managed to break the pricker control stuffing gland close to the main valve body. At which point I gave up. I am not sure if it will be possible to solder the damage but I rather doubt it and if that is so then it will have to wait for me to find a spare Preway valve unit. Until then this lamp has done it's last burn.


    25-03-2011-Edited comment: I have changed the title for this one because I have now found the lantern in the Sears catalogues. Interestingly it is catalogued as 07408 but is clearly marked as a Sears product on the lantern label as 742-461. I assume that is actually a Preway model number. Odd though but here is no doubt this is the catlogued lantern as the images and descriptions in the catalogues are pretty good. ::Neil::


    1300238606-Sears_742-461_02.jpg 1300238622-Sears_742-461_03.jpg 1300238639-Sears_742-461_04.jpg 1300238670-Sears_742-461_05.jpg 1300238753-Sears_742-461_06.jpg 1300238781-Sears_742-461_07.jpg 1300238811-Sears_742-461_08.jpg
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    The lantern dying down and going out happened to me today on a Preway Jr. L47P On my lantern it turned out to be the pick-up tube clogged up on me while running the lantern...

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