1936 (January) Coleman Canada 242K

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    1374827523-242ksideopt.jpg 1374827547-242kobverseopt.jpg 1374827583-242kinsideopt.jpg 1374827640-242kopt.jpg

    January 1936 Coleman Canada 242K lantern which came with correct mid-1930's straight line COLEMAN and PYREX marked globe.

    Identifiers of this early 1936 242K are hex nut on filler cap, aluminium preheater cup, double split collar, hole for filling preheater cup rather than swinging door, and bent wire tip cleaner control rather than small bakelite knob.

    Coleman Canada 242K lantern production continued until about late 1937 when 247 'Scout' lanterns started to have model, kerosene / gasoline fuel type and operating instructions marked on collar.

    Above catalog photo is from the Coleman Canada March 1st 1936 parts catalog and gives some information about 247 and 242K lanterns.
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