1938 Tilley SL61 Hospital & Survey Police

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    I was given this lamp by a guy who told me it had been issued to his uncle by the Dorset Police in 1938 for use in the rural police station he was working out of at the time. It was originally painted in this black and silver. I have repainted it in the original colours. I have also retained the globe it came with. Uncle said he replaced the 182 globe some time in the 1950s with this 171 as that was all he could find.

    The lamp is all steel including the pump cap and tube. Sadly the tank is rusted through and I have yet to bother to re line it so it can work again. It is also unusuall with the sweated on brass plate advising against over pumping. I have heard of several Hospital lamps in this colour and with the same oval label turning up in Lancashire and I wonder if they were also issued to other police forces before and during WW2. ::Neil::


    1319586381-Til_SL61_Hospital-Dorset_1938_02.jpg 1319586396-Til_SL61_Hospital-Dorset_1938_03.jpg 1319586415-Til_SL61_Hospital-Dorset_1938_04.jpg
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    lovely lam.

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