1943, Primus 1381

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  1. Claus C

    Dec 18, 2012
    This is a Primus 1381 without tankmeassure from 1943. A new lamp for me :D/
    This is how the lamp was sold. The lamp was used as a fishinglamp in the Limfjord, Danmark, and the seller had it from his father who bought it as new. He still lived in the same fishingcity.
    Here she is:

    1396376760-Primus_1381_ren_007_opt.jpg 1396376856-Primus_1381_ren_002_opt.jpg 1396376907-Primus_1381_ren_008_opt.jpg 1396376952-Primus_1381_ren_009_opt.jpg 1396377010-Primus_1381_ren_013_opt.jpg 1396377054-Primus_1381_ren_011_opt.jpg 1396377905-Primus_1381_ren_012_opt.jpg

    The lamp misses the tophood which I suppose is green, the carrierhandle, the cleaningneedle and the glass, and when this is added, I will post a nice picture of it running.

    The lamp is made for burning alcohol and this is not changed on this one.
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  2. Carlsson

    Carlsson Sweden Admin/Founder Member

    Sep 6, 2010
    Ah! Very nice Claus. One on my wish list.

    It looks like the preheater is wrongly aligned.
    It shall not point to the centre of the lantern (directly at the mantle), but a bit more "to the right", so to speak.
    It looks like you could tighten it a little bit more so it points to the straight part of the vapouriser instead. Not too much, though, to spare the glass.

    So how is the air restriction solved on this one? It can't be done as easy as with the 1020/1320.
    I wager it must be either a small tube over the jet like Radius 119 conversions, or perhaps they have restricted the actual opening where the jet take its air.
    Can you tell us? Or even better-show us an image of the jet and inner hood with the opening for the mixing tube attached.


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