1960's Vapalux H1 Special Suspension Lantern

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  1. Steve Wood

    Dec 1, 2010
    Hi All

    This is the H1 version of the Vapalux do-nut type lamp.
    At the moment I know of only two of these, this one has No 182 on plate on top of reflector and the other one I have seen has 107 so that would indicate there should have been at least another 180 of these made.

    The burner unit is made of stainless steel with aluminium flange fitted, the glass is same size and style as one used on other later Vapalux lamps but with slight lip on top rim to sit on top of reflector to hold it up.

    1293818909-DSCF0593.JPG 1293818919-DSCF0597.JPG 1293818930-DSCF0594.JPG 1293818940-DSCF0595.JPG 1293818953-DSCF0596.JPG
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