1969 Tilley track lamp

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    Sep 23, 2010
    Hi ! One of the last of proberbly ,thousands of track lamps sent to British railways ,Australian railways and the list is endless !
    Found in very rusty state still showing evidence of yellow and red paint.
    I have simply added a bit more paint in the same style as seen on other lamps !
    Alot of these lamps were customised by their adopted owners whilst working on the railways night after night on the " Permanent way " gang !
    This lamp base is marked July 1969 .
    Note :-
    Steel turret pins lock the lamp tank to frame.
    Thumb screw at rear of tank to fix tank hard to frame.
    The tank has two studs soldered on and two captive nuts hold additional metal strip in place for thumb screw to locate against.
    Track lamp stand in steel, with wide base able to remain up right ,when placed on ground amidst the track and ballast rocks.
    Wire cage around the black hood gives some protection to the glass.
    Some times these lamps are fitted with insect shield below glass to stop insects like moths climbing up inside the glass while alight and exterminating themselves and the mantle !
    Wood handle replaced on later track lamps with rubber handle.
    Reflector plate below handle missing so I have replaced it with a quick option ! ...mick

    1292893634-Trac1.JPG 1292893649-Trac2.JPG 1292893661-Trac3.JPG 1292893661-Trac3.JPG 1292893696-Trac5.JPG 1292893716-Trac6.JPG
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