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    Sep 10, 2010
    Not sure exactly what this is. I bought it from a collector at the Ipswich display some years ago as just the tank, pump, handle and reflector. Took me hours to drill out the fuel feed which was solidly blocked with fuel residue. From the configuration I have assumed it would have had a 449 hood and a 169 vaporiser. It should probably also have a heat shield bolted to the handle. One odd feature I cannot work out is it has two nuts welded to the front for the reflector. That seems to make no sense as there is only space for one bolt to be used there so there can't have been anything else attached. Maybe it allowed a choice of position for the reflector. Possibly to allow the use of both 606 and 169 vaporisers. The tank is all steel with a rough welded seam. The base rim was badly rusted away in places and I have rebuilt it with a brass base plate and car body filler. It looks like an AL10 but quite a bit bigger and will run for longer. It is also heavier as you might expect. I doubt this was made by Tilley but I have learnt not to assume with Tilley product as they did make "specials". However it has the look of a workshop made one off, perhaps in some rail engineering shop to remake a badly damaged AL10. I just don't know, Interesting beast though. ::Neil::

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