"Composite" vapouriser opinions sought

Discussion in 'Fettling Forum' started by Fireexit1, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Fireexit1

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    Jun 13, 2020
    Brighton UK
    As the supply of NOS Willis & Bates et al. vapourisers dry up I am considering investing in one of the composite ones from the east. In theory all one should ever need to do is replace the needle and jet from time to time.

    Has anyone any experience of them quality/efficiency/brightness/noise etc ?

    At £25 plus £10 postage it is an investment - but NOS vapourisers are now fetching that price on Ebay (when seen)

    This means I can put by the originals for posterity while they are still functioning rather than wear them out.

  2. isfuzzy

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    Feb 13, 2014
    I think there was another thread on these vaporizers. For my case isn't the price of the original vaporizers, its just they don't last with the kerosene i get here. Just 3 light ups and they're gone for good.

    Thus, these after market vaporizers come into the scene. The very first ones i believe were not from the Far East. Had some problems with those, mainly the brass used, did not take the heat that well after repeated use.

    The Eastern makers have different designs and internals like springs or what not. I do prefer the ability to remove the jet, needle or dismantle that thing to bits to clean or replace. Sometimes the 'worn out' jet just needs a whack with a hammer to work right again.

    There is a problem though, the makers do not have different jet options to compensate for different kerosene grades around the world. I found, generally the jets are sized between 150cp to 350cp, this is true from the very first maker of these vaporizers.. First one came with 250cp, Phil makes his with 250cp and SuperCorse makes with 150cp..
    Supercorse however, makes vaporizers in 2 options. A full brass option and as well as a steel body + brass jet one.. Really hit and miss i might say, i did have to swap the different ones around with my Vapaluxes to get the best match. But by then, they would really outlast the original vaporizers in any way..

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