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    Here is an unusual one. Chinese do nut lamps are not at all common and I only know of one other which is an Anchor. This one is Globe model 731 made by the Qin Fen Metal Factory Shanghai probably in the 1950s. Col Sun translated the label for me and it has "731 model 300w lantern. The Globe Brand Quin Fen Metal Factory of Shanghai"

    Quite a simple lamp inside. There is no pricker and an open tube generator with no packing of any kind. The jet is marked 300 so I assume it is a 300 cp burner. I did try it with a 250cp jet but performance was poor. I then replaced the original 300 and got a very good light. The mantle carrier was missing but I found the business end of an old AGM that would screw on to the J tube direct and it works pretty well. The globe it came with is actually from a Thermos inverted lanten and is not quite right but it fits well enough which is just as well because none of the Petromax type globes will fit.
    I had to make a tool to remove the pump check valve. My normal tool for this was not long enough and in any case the slot was not big enough as this valve is bigger than the normal type we see. I don't think the pump cap is the right one as it has a Petromax type of lock which does not fit the knob. The pump rod is a bit slack in the tube and pumping is difficut which may be because of the wrong cap. I did manage to get up to just under 2 bar on the gauge though so I was able to run the lamp at full power. ::Neil::


    1312291103-Globe_731_02.jpg 1312291116-Globe_731_03.jpg 1312291133-Globe_731_04.jpg 1312291149-Globe_731_05.jpg 1312291165-Globe_731_06.jpg 1312291183-Globe_731_07.jpg 1312291203-Globe_731_08.jpg 1312291227-Globe_731_09.jpg 1312291244-Globe_731_10.jpg
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    You are the expert, but I don't find that this lamps is more simple than my Aida 245.

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