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    Graphite foil is manufactured from expanded natural graphite which means it can be compressed to form an excellent seal. It comes in sheet form, is flexible, clean and can be cut with normal scissors. It will compress about 50%. This foil is Premium Grade minimum 99% Graphite, not automotive grade 96%.

    The foil may crack when wound around very small spindles. This does not affect the sealing capability of the foil when compressed by the stuffing box.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The technical specs are:

    Made in the UK
    No binders or adhesives
    Standard Carbon content 99% minimum.
    Standard density 1.0 g /cc.
    Temp range from - 200°C to + 2800°C in inert conditions.
    High thermal shock resistance & high electrical conductivity.
    Very low friction.
    Tensile strength > 5.2Mpa
    Leachable Chloride & Fluoride - 50ppm maximum.
    Compressibility - 47%
    Recovery - 9%
    Electrical Resistivity - 900 x 10-6 ohm cm parallel to surface, 250,000 x 10-6 ohm cm perpendicular to surface.
    Ash Content < 1.0%
    Sulphur content < 1300ppm
    Chloride content 50 ppm maximum.

    Each sheet is 10cm x 15cm (approximately 4 inches x 6 inches) and is .35mm thick. The price to CCS/CPL members is 2.00 UK Pounds per sheet (20% off my Ebay price).

    I have chosen 10cm x 15cm as it is a convenient size for posting and should be sufficient for most users. I can supply custom sizes if required. Price will be pro-rata the standard size. Postage extra.

    Postage & packing prices for 10cm x 15cm sheets are:

    To UK & BFPO (1st class):

    85p (any number of sheets)

    To Europe (Airmail):

    1.70 UK Pounds (any number of sheets)

    Rest of the World (Airmail):

    2.55 UK Pounds (any number of sheets)

    These are the exact Royal Mail prices. To try and keep costs down for members I am adding nothing for packing.


    To place an order, please send me a message using Conversation with the following information:

    Number of sheets required
    Delivery address
    Paypal account email address

    I will then send you a Paypal 'request for payment'. Depending upon your country of residence and your account type, you may be charged a fee by Paypal.
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    3, rue des charrons, 16200 Sigogne France
    Bonjour Monsieur,
    Je voudrais vous acheter 5 feuilles de graphite pour faire des joints.
    Mon nom et adresse: Jean Marie Demail, 3, rue des charrons, 16200 Sigogne, France.
    Email du compte paypal:
    Je vous en remercie d'avance, meilleures salutations, Jean Marie Demail.

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