Hi Everybody,Sefa selling pump leather cups

Discussion in 'Member Services' started by sefaudi, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. sefaudi

    Jan 1, 2011
    Hi Everybody,

    I am selling various sized pump cups that I make. They are made from high quality real leathers and are very elastic. They have long life.

    I am also selling the these items on Ebay, where some of you may prefer buying from. However let me warn you that I offer cheaper prices to CPL members if they place their orders here and pay through Paypal.

    Within the range, I give below, you can find a proper pump cup for your any stoves, blowtorches or lanterns.

    Of course you may also choose to have mixed selection of pump cups in one order.

    Let me state the sizes and their common usages:

    Type "Nova" - Fits Optimus Nova, Nova+, Trangia..

    Type "1pint" - Fits most of the 1 pint stoves such as Optimus 111, Optimus 00, Optimus 96, Optimus 22, Primus 22, Primus 96, Primus 210, Phoebus 625, Radius 21, Svea 121, Enders Baby, Burmos 21, etc.

    Type "Tilley" - Fits most of the Tilley lanterns.

    Type "2pint" - Fits most of the 2 pint stoves, also many model blow torches and lanterns such as Optimus 1S, Optimus 5, Optimus 45, Primus 5, Svea 5, Svea 106, Radius 17, Optimus 200, Optimus 300, Optimus 930, Primus 221, Primus 1020, Primus981, Primus 991, Primus 1321, Primus 632, Radius 119, Radius 103, Bialaddin 305, Bialaddin 310, Bialaddin 315, Bialaddin Bowlfire, Vapalux 320, M320, Petromax 250, Petromax 350, Petromax 500, Hasag, Sievert, Maxim, Barthel 501, Barthel 100, Barthel 296 etc.

    Type “Coleman” – Fits most of the Coleman brand stoves and lanterns.

    Type “FL6” – Fits Tilley Floodlight Lanterns.

    And here are some photos:

    1293902720-1287758148-001.jpg 1293902731-1287758159-003.jpg 1293902744-1287758170-005.jpg 1293902757-1287758176-006.jpg 1293902769-1287758154-002.jpg

    I offer the same price for any type. It is USD $1,50 per pump cup, packing and postage (for any quantity) is $3,50.

    Shipping to Europe takes around 7-10 days, US and Far East 15-20 days.

    If your item is not listed above and you are not sure what size you need, please contact me.

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  2. Aysergili Turkey

    Aug 23, 2018
    Merhaba Sefa bey
    Optimus 111 ocagim icin pump leather ariyordum.
    Kodu "1 Pint" olmali.
    Yardimci olabilirmisiniz?
  3. Carlsson

    Carlsson Sweden Admin/Founder Member

    Sep 6, 2010
    Ali, it was a couple of years ago since Sefa was logged in here the last time, but I will tag him below, so hopefully he will see this topic.
    If he hasn't turned off the function that send him an e-mail each time he is tagged, that is.

    You might be luckier in finding him over at our sister site, and that would also be more correct since you are asking about a stove.
    And he is visiting that site more often, so he will probably see your question. Tag him by typing @ before his user name directly in a post (as seen at the bottom of this very post).
    Here's the stove site.

    Even better is to contact him directly in private by clicking his user name.
    Follow this link and click on "Start a conversation".

  4. David Shouksmith

    David Shouksmith United Kingdom Founder Member

    Sep 6, 2010
    North-East England
    I would think that the Fettlebox do these items also and you're more likely to get a quicker response - see the advert on the right-hand side of the page... :thumbup:
  5. Geert Netherlands

    Apr 23, 2020
    Made - Netherlands
    Hello Sefaudi,

    May father has a Primus lamp. I am looking for a replacement leather pump gasket. Can you help me in finding the right one? If you have it I would gladly buy 2 of them.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Geert van der Pas
    Pasmannetje "at" hotmail.com

    F9C5DB4D-F15F-47BC-9E71-E9AF678FC60A.jpeg ABF246D0-2B16-4240-8D07-49A599CDDBFD.jpeg 7F8231C8-E216-43EE-B1D7-C1BC930868D5.jpeg 26DACCAD-24D0-40BE-80E2-3795C5E1DD53.jpeg
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