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  1. rbhodges

    Jul 1, 2011
    This will be my first contribution to the reference gallery here on CPL. I have already made one post here in reference to the difference between the Optimus 200 and 200P lanterns. I would seem that there is still more to be learned about these lanterns. Hopefully this will become possible as this forum grows and new data rolls in. I have included many photos in hopes that they may be useful in dating my lantern and as reference material for others.
    1311509794-IMG_1542_opt.jpg 1311509849-IMG_1543_opt.jpg 1311509875-IMG_1544_opt.jpg 1311509902-IMG_1547_opt.jpg 1311509936-IMG_1549_opt.jpg 1311509968-IMG_1553_opt.jpg 1311509992-IMG_1555_opt.jpg 1311510022-IMG_1556_opt.jpg 1311510071-IMG_1557_opt.jpg 1311510104-IMG_1558_opt.jpg 1311510166-IMG_1559_opt.jpg
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  2. adelcoro

    adelcoro Subscriber

    Jan 11, 2011
    Love this model. No smell and bright.
    One of my favorite models.
  3. Nils Stephenson

    Nils Stephenson Founder Member

    Sep 9, 2010
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    This one must have slipped by me. This is a nice lantern, but there are two things that just don't seem to fit in with what I have learned about Optimus lanterns if all parts are original. If the top is original then the wheel is out of place and vice versa.

    If the top is correct, then this is a changeover model between the 200 and 200P. That would put it to sometime in the late 40s.

    If the wheel is correct, then it would be post 1957 into the early 60s with a top from an earlier lantern.

    Could be that Optimus had those parts lying around when it was put together in the late 50s and it actually came from the factory that way.

    Whatever it is, they work well and are a handy size.
  4. Guest 1579 Guest

    Hi Rick,

    Congratulations on a very nice lantern. One of my favorite 200 P models.

    I have it myself and I have also seen 5 others of the same type.The details are correct as far as I can see. Glass, top, control wheel etc. There is also a brass version. Swedish civil defence Optimus 200P version 1. They are almost identical besides the nickel plating. The fitting for the pressure gauge is dropped on the Swedish civil defence Optimus 200P version 2. Seen here in Christers post: http://0flo.com/index.php?threads/199

    The metal work quality of this version 200P is probably the best I have seen on all 200 / 1200 models.

    There seems to be a changeover period when two types of control wheels were used but for different 200 / 1200 models. I believe this type was produced in the late 1950s. Maybe someone has more information.

    The reference library needs more entries.

    I hope it helps.

    Best regards


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