Optimus 253 (~1950)

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    This is the second variation of the 253. It has the frame with ball joints at the sides and one for decoration underneath. The tank is now taken directly from a 200 with the number intact. The globe rest now has a low edge and the top hat has a flatter curve to it.

    This lamp must be from around 1950 as it uses the tank from a 200P and has the brown wheel.


    1304183264-Optimus_253_v2_front.jpg 1304183448-Optimus_253_v2_back.jpg 1304183488-Optimus_255_v2_front.jpg 1304183503-Optimus_255_v2_back.jpg 1304183517-Optimus_255_v2_front_no_top.jpg 1304183529-Optimus_255_v2_logo.jpg
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