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Discussion in '930' started by Tive, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Jan 1, 2011
    Here we have one Optimus 930 of their first design, it's rated at 350CP and was introduced around 1954, there were two versions of the 350CP model that i know of this being the early variant, several design features differs from later versions, the most noticeable being the collar that has vertical air slots rather than horisontal as on later variants.
    Other differences are , More holes in the bottom of the glasstand, 200 style alcohol cup, early fifties style wheel, and maybe the biggest difference the inner vent and mixingtube can not be removed, this making the lantern a little difficult to service.
    1294512065-Opt_wo_box_opt.jpg 1294512084-Opt_930_Box_opt.jpg 1294512115-Opt_side_wiew_opt.jpg 1294512130-Opt_dem_opt.jpg
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