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    It came with the glass handle as so many of these do despite the lack of a shade.
    I can only assume that it once had one in order to make it a 930A.

    I don't miss the shade one bit. It's one of the ugliest accessories we can find for any lantern.
    But the handle is still very handy even when using it as a regular lantern.
    Since these run so hot, it's easier to pump or move them with that convenient little grip on the side (seen on the third thumbnail).


    1466711498-1.jpg 1466711505-2.jpg 1466711580-11.jpg 1466711512-3.jpg 1466711519-4.jpg 1466711526-5.jpg 1466711533-6.jpg 1466711540-7.jpg 1466711558-9.jpg 1466711591-12.jpg

    One funny detail is that it had a 500CP jet mounted, as you can see here:

    I deceided to try it out with that one since the old mantle it had when I got it was nice and all white.
    There was actually a little chance that the former owner had it working with this large jet, and since the 930's aren't too picky about jet size, I gave it a go.
    It worked, but it wasn't bright white, and it had a bit of a glow outside the large mantle I tied to it.
    So it will have to be a swap to a more proper jet later on. Probably a 300CP.

    I had to remove the pick-up tube since they had used a rubber washer to seal it up instead of the proper lead.
    Well, the lead was still there, so I just had to add a thinner lead washer in order to be able to align the control wheel correctly.
    I use a very thin lead to make thin washers to sort of shim things that has been loosened.
    As you know, it's not possible to get a lead washer sealed thing come to the former postion and still be sealing once loosened.
    A strip of lead that's only as thick as a revolution of one turn of the threads of the object in question is generally suitable.
    The thicker lead washer is just there for illustration of the 'normal' (homemade) one:

    Testing for leaks. No bubbles; no troubles!
    Oh, well... of course there are bubbles. But only where they are supposed to be - from the jet:

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    Good way for test.
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    Nice one. Another save :)

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