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Discussion in 'Standard' started by fuellight, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. fuellight

    Jul 3, 2016
    Hej there!
    Here is my longest fettling project. That means still not working right.
    Due to Martin K. notes I cleaned the vaporizer. Its light its kind of to warm.
    Few parts are missing. Preheater, Tankscrew.
    Does anybody know which mixing tube and vaporizer could fit? it is thinner
    than a PX 250.
    Grüsse from Hamburg

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  2. Martin K.

    Martin K. Subscriber

    Sep 20, 2013
    Hi Ulrich @fuellight ,
    nice to see some pictures of your lantern! The shade looks well on it!
    If the lantern burns too rich (yellowish light, getting too hot, flame aura around the mantle) it may help to replace the jet/nipple first. Often it's worn and the orifice is enlarged. But some of the new replacement parts being sold today are scrap and won't work properly.
    Usually the Standard 2422 should use the same vaporizer like the Petromax 850 / 821 / 827. If the vaporizer is thinner than that there will not be any spare available. Most likely it would then have the same size like PX900, refer to my post of the Standard 2432. Also it will be difficult to get hold of a fitting mixing tube since many of these and similar lanterns that show up lack the complete inner hood.
    BR, Martin K.

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