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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback & Problems' started by tretrop, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. tretrop

    tretrop Sweden Subscriber

    Jul 17, 2018
    I was looking for some info on a lantern in the gallery and despit there beeing lots of pictures, the pictures I was looking for was not to be found for that modell.

    So, this had me thinking, and come with a suggestion for future galleryentries.

    Normaly there is an overall pictures, but if we ask that the entrys also should have pictures of insider of hood , burner, wheels and other parts of interest. Maby have and show a recomended practice?
  2. Carlsson

    Carlsson Sweden Admin/Founder Member

    Sep 6, 2010
    We have always asked people to post as many pictures as possible in the Gallery, and with as many details as possible.
    As you have understood, the main purpose with the reference gallery is to show people as much details as possible to see if they need to compare something with an item they have themselves.
    Or as it say in the entry for that section:
    "A selection of shots of the lamp would be appreciated to see the different features."

    Unfortunately it hasn't helped to point that out. Perhaps a standard form as you suggest could help.
    But it may also result in some lamps not being posted at all. Sometimes people just have that sole picture to show, and sometimes they don't have the time to take more and better detailed pictures.
    We'll need to think about it, because I do absolutely agree with you. It's a pain to just find one single shot from a lamp when there are so many details that needs to be shown.
    It's the same with old restored lamps! If possible, post the pictures of them before anything is done with the lamps.
    Pictures with "un-fiddled" lamps are generally much better than shiny, good looking things where you don't really know what has been altered.

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