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    This is an ML93 Fount with bolts set in for handle. They were supplied with or without paraffin preheater. Handle, hood, and reflector, are as EX100. Prototyped for Victorian Railways Victoria Australia in 1938 to fit into their “platform lamp cases”. At that time some 40 plus were ordered from the local Tilley factors and we think they probably made them up from Tilley parts to hand. Correspondance from Victoria Rail in 1938 includes a recommendation that more should be bought as required for platform lighting. The info from Victoria Rail gives the model number as EX93 which sort of makes sense as they are essentially a marriage between an ML93 and an EX100. As this one has the later GF cock I assume this is from a subsequent order and because a few have turned up in the UK I assume they were made by Tilley at least into 1940. If they were in fact made by Tilley the model number used for these by Victorias Rail is therefore correct but un-catalogued “Official” Tilley.

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