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    It is a powerful tool on this platform. Please use it wisely by constructing meaningful quotes rather than needless quotes of entire posts where unnecessary. Doing this can be confusing, take up a lot of screen real estate which is a pain, especially on mobile devices.

    Quotes can be taken from different threads across the site if needed. Useful for compiling an informational post based on other content around the site.

    There are a couple of ways of compiling quotes.

    Using the quote link in the post you wish to quote: Capture3.JPG

    This copy's the entire post for the quote. Please consider if this is necessary. Especially if the post is currently the last post in a thread, as folk will then be reading it twice before they get to your post. Once the quote is placed in your reply you can manually delete the parts you do not need. It is possible to use the quote link on multiple posts within a thread before placing them in your post. Again, if used, please use & edit judiciously.

    Alternatively, you can highlight the relevant text you wish to quote with your mouse & a +quote/reply option will appear. Clicking reply will take you to the Reply box ready for you to post. Clicking +quote won't. You can highlight multiple sections of text across multiple posts using the +quote option.


    Once you have what you need you go to the reply box & click the Insert Quotes button:


    A pop up will appear showing the quotes you have assembled. You can remove ones you don't want at this point:

    Click 'Quote These Messages' to add the quotes to your post:


    You can then reply directly to each quote within your post. It is still possible at this stage to reduce the quotes by deleting text you don't need.

    Each quote has a link that will take you to the quoted post so users can refer to the original post if necessary:

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