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    When you click on thumbnails they open in an overlay called 'Lightbox'. For multiple thumbnails the overlay allows you to scroll through the larger images. Click the right side of the overlay to advance or the left side to go back.

    If the image is larger than your screen can display it will shrink to fit within the overlay. Useful as this feature is it can be a drawback if the image contains detail you need to see at full size - for instance an instruction sheet or catalogue listing.

    I'll describe 2 methods to get around this & view the image at it's maximum size.

    In this example I've clicked on an image to open it in Lightbox.


    In Lightbox view the image may betoo small to be able to see the text clearly. In the top right of the overlay are 3 options. A text link 'show in original location', a X icon to close the overlay & the highlighted arrow icon.
    Clicking the arrow will open the image in a new browser tab.


    When the image opens in the new tab it will also 'fit to page'. Place your mouse cursor over the image. If it has been reduced to fit the page your cursor will change to a magnifying glass with the + symbol as highlighted below. Click the image to open it to 100% of original size.


    To zoom in further use keyboard keys Ctrl & +
    To go back to the Lightbox close the tab showing the large image.


    Alternatively, to bypass Lightbox to view a single image, you can right click on the thumbnail & select 'Open Link in New Tab'. This will open the image in a new browser tab & you can then zoom the image as described above.


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