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    1292541833-Vapalux_box_front_opt.jpg 1292541819-vapalux_300x.jpg

    As the War came to an end, W&B realised that the military market would not be as lucrative as it had been and they entered into partnership with Aladdin Industries, who had a worldwide sales network.

    The first lantern marketed by Aladdin was the Vapalux 300x. It was very similar to the 300 but now sported a multi hole brass hood. The lantern had also returned to it's nearly all brass construction. It has been suggested to me that the X stood for export model, which would make sense. The multi hole hood is also more suited to the problem of insects in other parts of the World. The very first models were a very dark maroon, almost indistinguishable from brown. The maroon became lighter as time passed by. Earlier flat preheaters seem to be just brass but then later chrome (speculum) plated brass. The box of which the front is shown is dated March 1946.
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