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    Sep 10, 2010
    This is the last version of WL 25 indoor wall lamp Tilley made. It is dated March 1961. The two feet and hanging loop are mounted on a ring which is clipped to the base flange of the tank. These are not at all common and I only know of about three with collectors. This one was bought in a field in Germany a few years back at one of the Petromax meetings. The globe is not Tilley of course. They are a gas globe made for Humphrey gas lamps in the US by Pyrex. I bought a dozen of these because even with postage they worked out at £9.50 each which is a deal cheaper than a 182 globe and they look kinda OK on a Tilley. ::Neil::

    1286235137-Til_WL25_Mar-1961.jpg 1286235151-Til_WL25_Mar-1961-Back.jpg
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